The UK might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of learning to freedive, but it certainly has a lot to offer and is arguably one of the top places to learn.

Yes, the waters may be a little colder and the conditions not always as calm as waters abroad, but the right kit and knowledge, the UK can offer some of the most rewarding underwater experiences imaginable. We truly believe that if you can dive here, you can dive anywhere.

Renowned freedive photographer Daan Verhoeven even names Cornwall as one of his top destinations to dive (watch here: If you’re equipped with a decent 5mm freediving-specific wetsuit (provided on our courses) and a flexible and knowledgeable approach to local conditions, there is no reason not to enjoy learning to dive in British waters.

Many people are first drawn to freediving because of the low-tech access it gives us to underwater exploration. The underwater world here is rich and diverse. An average shore dive in Cornwall offers access to some of the best in British marine life. We have every species of colourful wrasse native to the UK, characterful spider crabs and constellations of spiny starfish on the kelp. We see small spotted cat sharks cruising the sea grass and reefs studded with vibrant snakelocks and strawberry anemones. Grey seals often eye us curiously from a distance or even come in for a closer look.

Much as we celebrate and love to see these common creatures, it’s the element of surprise that keeps many of us curious about the ocean. One day, we might be lucky enough to glimpse a cuttlefish or octopus. A boat dive might give us dolphins, a basking shark, or a glimpse of one of several species of whale who pass by us on their migrations. The sea is full of beauty and surprises. Around the UK as a whole, we have a diverse coastline of sand, shingle, chalk reef, rocks, caves and cliffs, covering almost 24,000 kilometres. There are endless possibilities for exploration.

At Blue Embrace, we believe strongly in the personal resilience that comes from spending time in the ocean and its ability to connect us in a meaningful way with our planet and ourselves.

We have a strong focus on safety and the development of good technique to promote sustainable advances in your freediving skills. We aim to help you develop a healthy diving mindset that allows effective progression, whether learning to dive for the first time or looking to improve your skills. Learning to freedive in a safe way with a reputable freediving school will set you up in the best way possible to pursue what becomes, for many, a lifelong passion.